Bright Red Shoes

With just one day to spare, the epic search for a pair of red shoes to go with my dress for the Melbourne Cup is finally over!
Lydia and I had spent all weekend trying to find a pair of wedges.

My beautiful new wedges looked great with my dress

My beautiful new wedges looked great with my dress

I’ve never been particularly fussed about shoes, and then I found a pair of leopard print wedges with a bright red heel.
They were too high for me to be able to actually walk in them, but it was love at first sight and I had to have them.
From that point things sort of spiralled and I finally joined the hoards of women who drool over a beautiful pair of heels.
I say heels, I mean wedges: my dodgy hips means I can’t wear heels without doing myself an injury, but I love a good pair of wedges.
I left my two ultimate favourite pairs of wedges in England: I figured shoes are something you can easily pick up.
How wrong I was.

The biggest problem we were having, was again coming back to the whole brand recognition thing.
If I want shoes, I’ll usually go to New Look.
There is no equivalent of New Look here and there was such a small selection of shoes in all the shops I have found that I like.
It was enough to make you hate shopping.

Gorgeous matching shoes. And we're the same size...did someone say swapsies?

Gorgeous matching shoes.
And we’re the same size…did someone say swapsies?

But finally after trudging along Chapel Street, determined to find something – or rather, given that the races are tomorrow we had to get something – we both found these gorgeous wedges.
And yes, they match.
And what?


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