TFN Nightmare

If you want to work in Australia, you need to have a TFN, or Tax File Number. Putting it simply, they act a bit like your N.I. number in the UK – you get one number per person for your lifetime, and it’s essential to have one so you don’t get over taxed.

It’s a really simple process to apply – you just go online and follow the links, you can’t go wrong – you’re just filling in the blanks and pressing ‘next’.
HOWEVER, it’s really important to know that if you’re staying in Australia for less than 181 you’ll be charge the equivalent of basic rate in terms of tax – which works out to be about 40+ cents per $1.
Anything over 181 and you count as a resident for tax purposes, so you get taxed a lot less.

I’m still waiting to get mine back and see if I clicked that I was a resident or not – could be a few long conversations on the phone to get that one sorted…

You also have to fill in your tax returns yourself, so even if you think you’re only going to be here for a short amount of time, it’s incredibly important to keep hold of all your wage slips, just incase.
This isn’t a bridge I’ve had to cross yet, but I’ll update you if and when I get to it!


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