Working With Children and First Aid/CPR Training

As part of my job in Australia, I need to get a Working With Children check – kind of like a CBR check and something I found hilarious, given the origins of the country.
Uh oh. Can I say that?

It seems that Australia is very hot on people having the right accreditation for whatever it is they’re doing. For my job, it goes without saying that I need training, but even to work in a bar you need to have gone on a basic course for RSA or RGS (Responsible Service of Alcohol or Responsible Gambling Service).

The process itself for my WWC was really simple – it was all done for me in the Post Office.
The thing that amazed me was the immediacy of the process. Once I’d sent the form off, I was given a temporary card which would allow me to go and teach a lesson that evening.
Whereas in the UK you have to wait weeks for a CRB to come through before you can go near a class, as long as you’ve sent off the paperwork you’re covered.

Qualified First Aider - your life could be in my hands

Qualified First Aider – your life could be in my hands

The same was true with my First Aid and CPR course.
I left with a certificate and a card stating that I was now a qualified first aider.
A daunting prospect.
I am, however, under no obligation to help someone – not that that would even be a consideration, I’m more than positive that in an emergency situation I’d be doing everything I could.

My course was organised for me – very informative and really quick, it just took up a day and wasn’t too early a start, either, but if you need to get one for yourself, they run really regularly, all around the CBD and you can usually get on one within the week, if not the next day.

Top tip: get some passport sized photos done once you arrive in Australia: their passport photo size is bigger than ours (much like their packets of crisps and cans of pop), so if you’ve tried to be savvy and organised some before you came, they’ll be no use to you here!


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