Little Treats

Everyone keeps asking me what I’m going to miss the most when I leave.

There’s a few things I won’t miss.
People calling me ‘duck’.
Leicestershire’s inability to pronounce their ‘h’s or use grammar properly.
The rain.
Not being near the beach.

But there’s a few things I will miss.
The smell when it’s going to rain.
The BBC.
How green England is – you don’t get green like you do in England.

I know I’ll make friends, I love meeting new people, the process of them trying to work me out.
To quote Lorna, the day after she met me: “Do you know that you’re weird?”
But I do worry that I’ll not meet anyone I can really be friends with.
Someone who loves bingo as much as we do.
Someone I can be my complete disgusting self with, no judgements.
Someone who won’t think too long about how politically incorrect what I just said was because they know I wasn’t thinking about it that way.
Someone I can just be quiet with.

We had a lovely day at the spa the other day. It was Lorna’s birthday, and we rarely get the chance to do fun things together as it is. Naturally I couldn’t resist the opportunity to make a video.


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