Not A Morning Person

I’m a sucker for gadgets, and apps and gimmicks and anything that will grab my attention for the 43.7 seconds I can cope with, but still be fun 12 hours later.
We survive in a technology saturated world, in just a few clicks you’re connecting with the other side of the map, and in as little as 5 years it’s become incredibly easy to stay in touch with your loved ones while you’re travelling.
WiFi reigns king.
Not A Morning Person

When I first flew the nest, to Fiji, my biggest concern (although to consider a 17 year old concerned with anything besides their own little bubble is entirely laughable) was making sure Mum and Dad could still see what I was up to. They wanted me to have this huge adventure, but I knew they had their worries – me not coming back being paramount. But it was easy. All I had to do was hitch a ride into town, or if that failed take a nice leisurely 2 hour walk there. Then all I to do was find a shop that would top up my Internet card, find an Internet cafe that accepted my Internet card (that wasn’t just someone’s computer set up in their mate’s shop), log in and type like crazy for half an hour praying that my pictures would upload in time.
Island living.
It’s part of the reason I loved Fiji. We were completely disconnected from everything that was happening at home. We chose when we wanted to step back into the humdrum of green, grassy England, with exotic tales from the far corners of the earth (not entirely an exaggeration; we were, after all, sleeping on the international date line). But there were things I wanted to share with home that you just can’t explain with words.
The day to day.
Our own kind of humdrum.
The freezing cold, river showers, the electric quietness of the island at night, sitting around feeling completely content, at home, in love with the people you’re with and the life you’re living – however temporarily.
I wanted to send them snapshots of my day.
Little glimpses into what we were doing.

That’s where my new app comes in.
Spark Camera.
I can absolutely guarantee that I would have spammed everyone with these 45 second clips if I’d had this app when I was in Fiji. I’m not entirely sure exactly what I love so much about it; perhaps it’s the snappy montage quality, or perhaps it’s that a soundtrack makes anything seem 100% more exciting, but I do believe it’s the perfect app for capturing the ordinary and making it seem extraordinary.

I had a little practice with my morning routine yesterday. I’m going to keep playing with it, no doubt, as I continue to get ready for my big adventure.

And you can get used to 45 second clips of my own kind of humdrum.


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