my story. our story.

This blog started nearly 3 years ago; I was trying to run away from my post-Uni-quarter-life crisis in Australia, teaching swimming.
I’m a summer child, have always loved the sunshine and I’m open about my (sometimes crippling) S.A.D. – not a useful condition to have in my homeland of England.
And I was bored.
And I wanted an adventure.
And something new and different.
Some sunshine.

Gazing out to sea

I was documenting my single adventures in sunny Melbourne, largely I was writing about brunch, hunting out the best Eggs Benedict the city had to offer and working on my tan (yes, I am aware of the dangers of skin cancer, thank you every Australian that’s even seen me not apply suncream for longer than a 5 minute interval).

And then I did that thing that I’m prone to do and fell in love, with an Aussie boy.

Featured Image -- 4164

This is currently one of my favourite photos of us; this was a real bucket list day, and even though it’s a bit blurry you can see how happy we all were: even Princess the elephant!

Everyone thinks their love story is the best, but I’m pretty sure ours is.
He followed me back to England on a whim I was ‘the one’ – and I’m so glad he did. He met the parents, met my friends, he took on the role of protective big brother (at 3 months older than my sister it’s a tenuous claim)
He fell in to his own hybrid identity, Australian-Brit, British-Australian, with a renewed empathy for my sense of restlessness in England.
From there we poured our hearts and souls in to a visa application (with the help of Let’s Go Global) all the while planning our surprise return to Australia.

Visa submitted, there was a teeny tiny little clause that stated I had to be out of the country when the visa was granted so we volunteered in Cambodia for a few months, before exploring Vietnam, hoping that we might be on Santa’s extra nice list this year.

Visa still pending, I was allowed to be in Melbourne for Christmas, but I’m waiting out the rest of the process in New Zealand.
I’ve got a working holiday again, things didn’t work out the way I’d planned at the pool, and after a lot of heartache, I finally pulled the plug, throwing myself in to gym sales again – best. decision. ever.
I’m not just coping any more, I’m thriving and when we don’t have a choice about our purgatory the least I can do is enjoy it.


Those sunset kisses: Ha Long Bay

It’s no longer a single adventure, but a shared one.
Before my blog was keeping England up to date with my temporary adventure down under, now I’m not sure what it is, but it’s become as much a part of our lives as anything else.
It’s an organic beast. Evolving, changing. Like us.
I love writing, and during what could possibly be one of the most stressful times of our life, it’s nice to have somewhere to share the experience, and look back on just how far we’ve come.
Besides which, my Mum’s my biggest fan and I don’t think she’d let me stop writing.

Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting

Joyce Meyer